Imaginary Robots Platform Archive

The Imaginary Robots platform was discontinued on 31.08.2023. Below, you can download the archived 3D models and files that can be used to revive the platform or for integration into different projects. Imaginary Robots toolkit guide This document formalizes the delivery of the source code that makes up the development of the website as well as the KBs […]

Studies in Spanish

The studies conducted by UCAM Catholic University of Murcia can be read in Spanish by following the links below: Aspiraciones y expectativas: Un estudio de percepción social sobre robots imaginarios (Hyunanda & Palacios Ramirez 2023) “No son humanos, parecen ‘humanos’”: un estudio sobre la experiencia con modelos de robots virtuales y la percepción entre los […]

The Making Of Tele-Encounters: Beyond the Human (documentary film)

This documentary film presents an overview of the main project activities happening throughout the 3-year implementation period. The film was edited by film director Armine Vosganian using footage filmed by herself, but also by various project participants, including Stefano Cozzi, Georgiana Vlădoiu and the teenage participants in the journalism and documentary film workshops.

2032 SMART-FAMILY (theatre play)

Read 2032 SMART-FAMILY, the theatre play written by Marina Hanganu and Bianca Trifan. The text was staged in a telematic format. You can also watch the performance here: stage view from Romania stage view from Italy

Results Brochure 2020-2023 (EN, RO, IT, ES)

Check out the brochure that summarises the main project activities and results. Available in four languages: English, Italian, Romanian and Spanish. English Romanian Italian Spanish

Beyond the Human: Theatre, Robots and Social Realities (Project Book)

Beyond the Human: Theatre, Robots and Social Realities contains the interdisciplinary studies conducted in the project on the themes of migration, human perception of social robots, human-AI interaction and telematic theatre. It also features six interviews with some of the artists involved in the creation of 2032 SMART-FAMILY, the telematic performance with a robot character. The book […]

Telepresence and Robots on Stage: A Practical Exploration

On the 30th of May, a group of young and unconventional theatre professionals from Romania and Italy explored the possibilities of the “2032 SMART-FAMILY” technological matrix, working together simultaneously at Teatrul George Ciprian in Buzău (Romania) and Everest – Spazio alla cultura of Industria Scenica in Vimodrone (Milan, Italy). The first part of the workshop […]

Beyond the Human: Theatre, Robots and Social Realities – International Symposium

We are delighted to invite you to the Beyond the Human: Theatre, Robots and Social Realities International Symposium organised by The George Ciprian Theatre (RO) in partnership with the National University of Theatre and Film I.L. Caragiale (UNATC) in Bucharest. The event will take place on the 7th of June, onsite at UNATC (Str. Tudor Arghezi 3b) and online via Zoom. The symposium will mark the end of the Tele-Encounters: Beyond the Human cultural project, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

Documentary Film Workshop: Behind the Scenes of “2032 SMART-FAMILY” (RO)

In December 2022, during the last round of performances of “2032 SMART-FAMILY”, a creative group of high school students from The “B. P. Hasdeu” National College in Buzău (RO) took part in a documentary filmmaking workshop led by film director Armine Vosganian. The students learned introductory notions on framing, film cuts, documentary and also mockumentary […]

2032 SMART-FAMILY – filmed performance (stage view from IT)

The first public performance of “2032 SMART-FAMILY” was filmed at Industria Scenica’s Everest – Spazio alla cultura in Vimodrone, Milan, Italy on the 9th of June 2022 by Stefano Cozzi. Read credits here. View the performance filmed from the Romanian side here.