Imaginary Robots Platform Archive

The Imaginary Robots platform was discontinued on 31.08.2023. Below, you can download the archived 3D models and files that can be used to revive the platform or for integration into different projects. Imaginary Robots toolkit guide This document formalizes the delivery of the source code that makes up the development of the website as well as the KBs […]

Imaginary Robots at Murcia Science & Technology Week

The Imaginary Robots platform was presented by UCAM at the Science and Technology Week in Murcia (21-23 October 2022). The trailer of the platform was showcased throughout the event and visitors could interact with the virtual robots via a computer provided by UCAM. It is estimated that 25,000 people visited the Science and Technology Week. […]

Imaginary Robots Platform Presentations

Romania Spain Romania The “Imaginary Robots” platform was presented to children and seniors in Buzău, Romania in May 2022. The four physical-attendance events were organised by “George Ciprian” Theatre in partnership with “Vasile Voiculescu” Buzău County Library (25th and 27th of May), The High School for the Visually Impaired Buzău (26th of May), and “B.P. […]

Imaginary Robots Platform Launch

Invitation Credits Registration Form Invitation Dear Humans, We are six virtual robots in search of conversation partners (reference intended)! Our bodies are 3D-animated graphic models hosted on a custom-built website. We call it our home. Our creators call it (rather unimaginatively) “the social robots platform”. More poetic personalities may call it a figment of the […]

3D modeling and animation workshop

Six virtual robots in search of a shape, to paraphrase a famous play title! The training for 3D artists conducted by UCAM took place in Murcia between 28th May – 1st June 2021. During the workshop, young artists Alessandra Piras (IT), Alin Sîrbu (RO), and Juan José Arnau (ES) worked under the guidance of prof. […]