Telepresence and Robots on Stage: A Practical Exploration

On the 30th of May, a group of young and unconventional theatre professionals from Romania and Italy explored the possibilities of the “2032 SMART-FAMILY” technological matrix, working together simultaneously at Teatrul George Ciprian in Buzău (Romania) and Everest – Spazio alla cultura of Industria Scenica in Vimodrone (Milan, Italy). The first part of the workshop […]

Documentary Film Workshop: Behind the Scenes of “2032 SMART-FAMILY” (RO)

In December 2022, during the last round of performances of “2032 SMART-FAMILY”, a creative group of high school students from The “B. P. Hasdeu” National College in Buzău (RO) took part in a documentary filmmaking workshop led by film director Armine Vosganian. The students learned introductory notions on framing, film cuts, documentary and also mockumentary […]