Industria Scenica is a young SME founded in 2012 with a focus on Cultural Welfare and Urban Regeneration meaning the creation and dissemination of cultural products with strong involvement of the audience and significant interaction with institutions and policymakers to promote community wellbeing. Industria Scenica operates at north-east of Milan and offers the following services: Community Storytelling, Performative Labs, Media & Technology Labs, Theatre Production, Tourism Theatre and Events. Since 2014, it is managing a historic dance hall, Everest – Spazio alla Cultura, thus starting a virtuous process of regeneration of a disused space through cultural promotion. Currently, Everest hosts a Theatre Season and a School Theatre Season, functions as a Residence Centre for Live Artists and offers citizens dancing events, courses and workshops, exhibitions and seminars. Industria Scenica is a permanent member of the following networks: A.N.C.R.I.T., AGIS Lombarda, Assitej Italia, Consorzio CS&L, LEGACOOP, CulTurMedia, DE.CI.DI. and LAP.



Instragram: @industria_scenica


Isnaba Miranda

Project Manager

Ermanno Nardi

Artistic Director

Paola Cagna

Assistant Manager

Pietro Confalonieri

Financial Manager

Anna Maria Penone

Assistant Manager

Alessandra Piras

3D Artist

Serena Facchini

Artistic Director

Maurizio d'Edigio

Communication Manager

Francesca Perego

Assistant Manager

Fiorella Operto