Phase I: robot development workshops in RO, ES, and IT

We organised two workshops in each country to create robot models (concept only) with the participants’ help. One workshop gathered for children aged 11-12, while the other one was dedicated to elderly people aged over 65 and other interested adults. In each country, the workshops were led by one roboethics expert, one roboticist, one theatre director, and one emergent 3D animation artist. The robot models became sources of inspiration for one interactive simulations’ platform and an actual robot to be used in the telematic performance.

Phase II: the creation of the online platform with virtual models of robots

The Imaginary Robots platform was a website with six virtual characters representing robots, inspired by the workshop participants’ creations.
Using GPT-3 by Open AI, an advanced language generation neural network, the robots could communicate with users in spoken and written English. The language models were trained on some of the texts written by participants during workshops, original Q&A scripts and open-access materials. The robots’ real-time animated response was done via the Unity game engine.
The online version of the platform was discontinued on the 31st of August 2023, yet the robot models and the technical information needed for reviving the platform can be downloaded from the project website under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License.



Imaginary Robots Platform Launch

Invitation Credits Registration Form Invitation Dear Humans, We are six virtual robots in search of conversation partners (reference intended)! Our bodies are 3D-animated graphic models

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