In December 2022, during the last round of performances of “2032 SMART-FAMILY”, a creative group of high school students from The “B. P. Hasdeu” National College in Buzău (RO) took part in a documentary filmmaking workshop led by film director Armine Vosganian. The students learned introductory notions on framing, film cuts, documentary and also mockumentary film conventions. The students then filmed and conducted interviews with part of the Romanian team of “2032 SMART-FAMILY”. While most of the video editing was done by Armine Vosganian, some of the students also contributed to editing the videos. Discover their short documentaries and also a mockumentary (parodic film) by accessing the videos below (in Romanian only, no EN subtitles available).

Participating students: Anastasia Bobeleac, Alessia Ghica, Andrei Lazăr, Mădălina Negru, Cezar Pantazi, Ștefan Pîrvu, Ariana Toader, Ioana Vlad.