The selection process for 3D modeling and animation artists is now over! Thank you all so much for your applications! We are very grateful for having had the chance to meet so many wonderful artists! However difficult, we had to choose, so here are our future collaborators.

In Romania, enter team players Iulia Petronela Ioniță (robot development workshops) and Alin Sîrbu (implementation of the 3D robot models).

In Italy, we welcome the collaboration of Alessandra Piras.

In Spain, we can’t wait to work with Juan José Arnau Moreno.

We thank the evaluation committee!

Technical evaluation of portfolios: Prof. Rocío Martinez Montiel (3D modeling and animation expert, UCAM) and Daniela Dughiană (head 3D graphic designer of Tele-Encounters)

Interviews: UCAM Universidad Católica de Murcia: Prof. Rocío Martinez Montiel, Prof. Isabel Sarabia

Industria Scenica: Isnaba Miranda, Paola Cagna, Ermanno Nardi

Teatrul George Ciprian: Marina Hanganu, Cristian Iordache, Gina Chivulescu.”Tele-Encounters: Beyond the Human” is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.